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Phoenix FPX Extended Tube Black

Phoenix FPX Extended Tube Black

Phoenix FPX extended magazine tube black


Our high end aircraft grade aluminum magazine tubes take your Phoenix FPX to 8+1 capacity. Included in this package is our teflon coated spring, anti drag follower, magazine tube, magazine tube coupler and magazine tube clamp. 


The problem with most after market magazine tubes is they come from two diffrent manufacturers and the tubes dont match in shape causing feeding issues. Our tubes are made from the exact same material that we use in the stock magazine tube on your Phoenix FPX. This means the tubes line up perfectly creating a zero drag transition between tubes. 


Our magazine tube clamp is made from billet aircraft grade aluminium aith picatinny rails on both sides. This clamp is not a cheap latch molded part its machined from a single piece of aluminium making it extremely durable. 


Color: Black

Capacity: 8+1



  • Magazine Tube
  • Magazine Tube Coupler
  • Anti Drag Follower
  • Extended Spring
  • Magazine Tube Clamp


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